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Company Founding Trumph Laser

Enclose Manufacturing Inc. was founded in 1998 by Bill Wegleitner. Bill has over 30 years in manufacturing and engineering experience. Enclose Manufacturing Inc. is a small OEM manufacturer, providing ITS cabinets and a wide variety of industrial enclosures throughout the USA for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality and competitive pricing available today, derived from our ISO-9001 standards and lean manufacturing principals that go into every cabinet or enclosure produced here at our Enclose Manufacturing Inc. plant.


Our goal is to produce the most reliable and efficient products available for today's ever changing demands in our industry. Enclose Manufacturing Inc. meets and exceeds the needs of the transportation and communication industries, as well as environmental specialty custom applications.


Quality Policy

Enclose Manufacturing Inc. has a full line of U.L. listed and NEMA rated electrical enclosures and traffic cabinets. Proven top quality commitment policies and dedication to integrity remains a guiding principle. Throughout the years, the people of Enclose Manufacturing Inc. have worked to develop enduring relationships with direct customers, vendors, and state DOT agencies. We work directly with engineering firms, electrical services contractors and vendor partners. Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement has been one of the company's greatest assets. As Enclose Manufacturing Inc. begins its 21st year in business, the staff and management look forward to working alongside you as we meet the needs and challenges of the future. Nearly every cabinet we build at our facility undergoes a water test to assure that our customers are getting the proper cabinet rating required. Whether it is a Type 1 or 4x cabinet, we assure you that your cabinet meets all spec requirements.


Commitment to the future needs and industry standards means Enclose Manufacturing Inc. is tooled up and ready to supply top quality by continuously improving our products and processes with a standard of excellence through the most efficient means possible.


State of the Art High Tech Production Process

Enclose Manufacturing Inc. utilizes its 9,500 sq/ft production space as a state of the art process to produce the most reliable and economical products available in today's industries. Our newly installed 5K, TruLaser 3040 Trumph laser is a testament to our commitment to top quality. We use state of the art technologies throughout our production process. Our forming department uses CNC controlled press brakes and our engineering staff uses the Solid Works CAD program which helps in achieving the same parts in a repeat atmosphere providing consistency, reliability and uniformity. Our Solid Works CAD system delivers and achieves the most accurate models and designs. Our engineer department readily shares these CAD files with our customers for their submittal packages. We also use state of the art AWS welding equipment for achieving only the finest welds known to this industry.



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