We Have A New Look!

As you can probably tell, we have been working diligantly over the last couple of months roll out a new look for Enclose Manufacturing. We updated our logo, while still keeping with the classic look all of our customers are familiar with. We're really excited to roll it out even further as time goes on. We also completed a brand new website to compliment our new logo. Our goals for the site was to make viewing our products and requesting a quote much more simplified. We're very excited for this new website and the level of service it will help us provide. 

A little background, in case you're not familiar, Enclose Manufacturing Inc. was founded in 1998 by Bill Wegleitner. Owner and proprietor and longtime resident of the great state of South Dakota. Bill has a mechanical drafting/engineering background and has spent his entire working time in the steel manufacturing area. Bill has built a successful small OEM business providing Industrial Electrical Cabinets serving the Midwest and nationally for over 20 years demonstrating pride in the family business, and genuine caring for the personal well-being of his employees.

Our goal is to produce the most reliable and efficient products available for today’s ever changing demands in our industry. Enclose Manufacturing meets and exceeds the needs of the transportation and communication industries, and other environmental specialty custom applications.


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